Chicken and Waffles-flavored syrup available in April

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What will YOU put it on?

​Maybe you hadn't quite hit coffee-drinking age, or perhaps you were just very fond of artificial peach flavoring, but if you remember feeling impossibly fancy ordering a creamy French soda or lightly effervescent Italian soda at whatever coffee shop happened to be closest to your junior high, you should whisper a little "thank you" to Torani syrups, available in virtually every chain and independent coffeehouse across the nation. Oh, but not at Kopplin's. Don't ask for it there. 

These days you might be more likely to have the sweet flavored syrups in a cocktail rather than in your morning latte, but the brand has evolved over the years, adding unique flavors like peanut butter, huckleberry, Italian eggnog, shortbread (it's almost unsettlingly evocative of the cookie), and even a bacon-flavored syrup that's become a favorite of the kind of bakers who go on Cupcake Wars

Now the brand adding another unexpected savory-inspired flavor to its line: Chicken 'N Waffles. But where will you be able to find it? And if you can find it, how the heck are you supposed to use it?

You'll be able to order it by the bottle or in a six-pack (yes) directly from Torani's website come April, but they also distribute to most major grocery stores, so many flavors are available locally at Rainbow and Cub Foods. Once you've actually procured a bottle, Torani suggests using it in "sazeracs, ice cream sundaes, Old Fashions, and cupcakes" to "add that 'is it chicken or is it waffles' allure to cocktails, lattes, sauces, and any deserving recipe."

Yes, that is indeed what my frothy milk cap is missing--the essence of Roscoe's. Tell us, would you try it? And what would you use it in?

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BBQ restaurants
BBQ restaurants

The best quality of chicken and waffles flavored syrup will be available in the month of April.This juice will be launched by Torani syrups and restaurants.


 Ah yes!  The pre-coffee days of "fancy" Italian and French sodas and flavored steamers at places like Border's Books!  Torani was premium, yo.  Only the most sophisticated and urbane suburban 16-year-olds such as myself cultivated the fine art of artificially-flavored syrup mixed with other sub-par ingredients like skim milk (Josh will never ask me out if I'm don't watch my figure!), and sometimes topped with whipped "cream."  Creme de Menthe was the pinnacle of fanciness.

Today, I would try the chicken and waffle Torani syrup only out of morbid curiosity, and only if I can wear my old oversized flannel shirt, hiking boots, ripped jeans, and letter jacket to wear while I try it.  Because I'll try anything once (again.)

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