The Ugly Mug will become Jackson's Hole

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Ugly Mug is getting a makeover
The Ugly Mug, a popular bar with a punny name on Third Street North in the Warehouse District, will be taken over by new owner Billy Jackson and the After Midnight Group, and is set to reopen with the far more hilarious name Jackson's Hole, reports the Downtown Journal.

The After Midnight Group is already well-established in Minneapolis, having been associated with the development and ownership of the Cabooze/the Joint Bar, Cowboy Slim's in Uptown, and Cowboy Jack's in Plymouth. The Ugly Mug was previously owned by Erik Forsberg, who had been looking to sell the bar since plans for his new restaurant, the hotly anticipated Devil's Advocate, were solidified. So how different will this place be?

Aside from making renovations to the dance floor area downstairs and the separate lounge upstairs, Jackson says they will revamp the Ugly Mug's menu, but the new bar will keep things in the same American casual territory. 

Jackson's Hole is slated to open in late March or early April, and Devil's Advocate plans to be ready for its first service on April 10.

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Ugly Mug Minneapolis - CLOSED

106 N. 3rd St., Minneapolis, MN

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Thank god. Last time i went to Ugly Mug it was 100 degrees in there, they were out of about 20 beers, and our burgers took 45 min to cook somehow.


The Ugly Mug was popular?  The handful of times I've been there it was nearly empty.


it will be interesting to see if the jackson hole restaurant chain in new york makes them change the name to avoid confusion that this is related to the good burgers served in nyc.  i clicked on this story hoping it was the same chain...  oh well.

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