Blue Door Pub #2 is moving forward

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Will a new location mean immediate seating in St. Paul?
After the Blue Door Pub put out the call for support, the restaurant's fans let their representatives know this was a business they wanted in their back yards. Blue Door is known for its fantastic stuffed cheeseburgers--they call them a "blucy"--a killer selection of local beers, and some of the best made-from-scratch fries around.

Blue Door has been pushing to open a second location. Given the crowds that flock to its cozy Selby/Fairview location in St. Paul, its clear there's a need for more real estate for all those blucy fans.  Today, those fans got some good news. 

The beer and wine liquor license has been approved for the Longfellow neighborhood. The vote of approval came in yesterday, according to the Blue Door Pub's Facebook page. Look for the new location at 34th Street and 42nd Avenue in Minneapolis.

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The Blue Door Pub

1811 Selby Ave., St. Paul, MN

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