Bruno Oakman joins Bartmann family of restaurants

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Bruno Oakman named executive chef for all Bartmann's restaurants
It feels like we've been hearing about Humble Pie, the remodel of Gigi's Cafe in Uptown, for the better part of a year, but a recent hire to the Bartmann family of restaurants may help move that project forward. Bruno Oakman, former chef of downtown St. Paul's long-running Italian eatery Pazzalua and part of the opening team at Cosmos Restaurant at the Graves Hotel, has been named the new executive chef for all Kim Bartmann's restaurants, which includes Barbette, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Pat's Tap (recent winner in the Best Place for Dinner With Your Parents category), Red Stag, Bread and Pickle, and now Gigi's. 

Oakman's main role will be acting as a consultant and resource for the other head chefs at Bartmann's restaurants, aiming to bring more local produce and ingredients to the restaurant's menus by building relationships with new local growers. He'll also be helping with the kitchen design for the remodel of Gigi's and will be responsible for organizing a commissary bakery there once the remodel is finished. With the addition of a catering business at Bryant-Lake Bowl that Bartmann wants to develop and expand, Oakman should certainly have his hands full for a while.

Oakman got his start in local restaurants at La Marina in Waconia, and then spent time cooking in Chetek, Wisconsin, Palm Beach, and Nantucket, before returning to Minnesota.

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Gigi's Cafe

822 W. 36th St., Minneapolis, MN

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