Hell's Kitchen's Angel Food Bakery has an opening date

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Angel (food) above and Hell below
We've reported, speculated, and anticipated it for months, but it looks like downtown eatery, music venue, and one of our very favorite breakfast places, Hell's Kitchen, will finally open its much-buzzed about bakery, Angel Food, in two weeks.

Here are details on opening day and what it will be serving:

The official opening of the bakery is set for Monday, April 23. It's located on the street level above Hell's Kitchen at 80 Ninth Street South, reports the Downtown Journal. It will offer many of the goods used in Hell's Kitchen's signature dishes, as well as other doughnuts, breads, cupcakes, and Peace Coffee. Angel Food will also provide several daily gluten-free options.

The bakery will open at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays and 7:30 a.m. on weekends and will give customers a front-row seat to its open kitchen. 

Previous coverage:

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Hell's Kitchen

80 S. 9th St., Minneapolis, MN

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Cynthia Gerdes
Cynthia Gerdes

Ack!!!! Monday April 23 is only our TENTATIVE "quiet opening"...we're aiming for that, but can't guarantee because we're still in the critical recipe testing phase. Our Grand Opening will be Mother's Day weekend. Cynthia Gerdes, Angel Food Bakery + Coffee BarBTW we're in the middle of a fun Kickstarter project to raise funds that will let us jumpstart online ordering. If anyone's interested, go to Kickstarter.com and search "Angel Food" to peruse the cool rewards in exchange for reaching into your pockets for ten bucks. :)


"in two week."  Can we please edit our articles before we hit publish?


Yes without that 's' there is absolutely no way of understanding when this place will open.

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