Stanley's on Wheels, a new food truck, coming in mid April [VIDEO]

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They considered putting wheels on the restaurant but lacked the courage
The Twin Cities is about to receive another entrant into the world of food trucks. Stanley's Northeast Bar Room announced on Facebook that it will be rolling out a truck in downtown Minneapolis beginning in mid April.

According to the snappy video posted on its site, the restaurant is converting a former Peterson Pools and Spas truck into its eatery on wheels. The new food truck will be called Stanley's on Wheels.

According to website, Stanley's on Wheels menu will feature a smoked BBQ beef brisket sandwich, a reuben sandwich, brisket nachos, pretzel sticks, and Oreo brownies. In other words, a light lunch for the busy downtown worker on the go.

Food truck fanatics can follow any and all updates about the truck on twitter, @stanleyswheels or at

Watch the video here. It truly embraces the hand held aesthetic, something all movie buffs can appreciate. 

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Stanley's Northeast Bar Room

2500 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN

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