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Bre McGee
More fish and chips, less waiting.
Northeast hot spot the Anchor Fish and Chips plans to join the ever-growing fleet of Twin Cities food trucks when it launches its own mobile eatery on May 19, to coincide with the start of Art-A-Whirl.

The Anchor (2011 winner in the Best Fries category) will open its truck for lunch at noon on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th and will be roaming Northeast serving its delicious British street food fare.

Here's what you can expect to find on the menu.
The Anchor truck won't be serving its "full whack" breakfasts or Helicopter Burgers for now, but it will do meat and veggie pasties, battered sausages, curry and gravy chips, mushy peas, Heinz beans, and its signature fish and chips.

Due to popular demand and American tastes, the Anchor now offers tartar sauce (when they first opened, they were a "vinegar only" kind of place, and that was just fine with us) and a side of coleslaw, too.

To celebrate the launch, the Anchor will also be hosting several live music acts, starting at 2 p.m. each day of Art-A-Whirl. Bands include the Knightingales, Romantica, Gay Witch Abortion, and Magic Castles, among others.

Check the Anchor's Facebook page for updates and set times.

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Mark Bradby
Mark Bradby

Two incorrect items in this article:1) the owners of Anchor are Irish and took exception at a recent visit when their food was called 'British'.2) they have never served malt vinegar- only distilled white vinegar.

Patrick McCutchan
Patrick McCutchan

I can't wait for good Fish and Chips in St.Paul!!!! mmmm "Mears Park during events??" St.Paul Art Crawl October 2012? :o)

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

Wait...they still haven't fixed this? WTF? At least Aaron fixes shit that is wrong in a reasonable, if not more than reasonable, amount of time. Come on people...


Reality and getting the actual facts don't matter to the writers at City Pages.  Half-ass is good enough...

Emily Weiss
Emily Weiss

Had to look into the white distilled vs. malt vinegar issue so as not to cause further upset. The British street fare comment was not in reference to the place of origin of The Anchor's owners, but rather that the dishes they are serving from the truck are typical of street and pub food found throughout the UK.  

Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.
Decievious Leroy Johnston Jr.

And why are we even arguing about this anyway?  I'm almost certain there are more important things going on in the world other than whether the Anchor serves malt vinegar vs. white.  :)

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