The PourHouse opens in June

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Spin is out, the PourHouse is in (in June)
The PourHouse, a 1920s-themed bar, will open in the space that was once home to the unmemorable Spin nightclub at 10 Fifth Street South in downtown Minneapolis as early as June 1, reports the Downtown Journal.

Co-owner Deepak Nath was quick to point out that the PourHouse will be "absolutely nothing like Spin" and features a full kitchen, outdoor patio area, and a separate upstairs lounge called the Hooch Room. The plan is for the PourHouse to host live music and other events, but they'll also  screen things on a giant 24-foot television.

Competition for the other elegant Minneapolis speakeasy Prohibition? We doubt it, but this place will be open for lunch, and we're mildly interested to see how the "jail-cell style restrooms" pan out.

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The Pourhouse

10 S. 5th St., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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JFeldman, JonnyBeGood, and Asdf all sound like dumbasses.  You guys know that picture above is from spin, right?  Or are you previous employees of spin and can't find a job because you are uneducated and negative? : )


This is the dumbest fucking thing I've heard of in a while.  


Looks ghetto and will be filled with wannabe gangsta thugs.

desert fox
desert fox

 This is the place, its absolutely awesome. Its got character, decor, good food, people. Wait and see !  It will knock your socks off in the jail restrooms, lol.  desert fox

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