Anchor Fish & Chips: A new food truck, a party, and a dream realized

Anchor Fish & Chips goes mobile
Northeast Minneapolis restaurant Anchor Fish & Chips is expecting quite a party when it launches its new food truck in its parking lot on May 19. Its debut will be part of the northeast Minneapolis 2012 Art-a-Whirl and will feature a few beer vendors as well as live music. Fish and chips, meat pasties, and a variety of other Irish goodies will be on the menu when Anchor joins the ranks of our eclectic mobile merchants. .

We recently talked about the young restaurant's new endeavor with co-owner and chef Luke Kyle.

"It all started back when, well, Kathryn [Hayes, one of the three principle owners] and I grew up in Ireland, and the most common thing around Ireland for years was to serve fish 'n' chips out of trucks. So it was kind of Kathryn's dream to, you know, have a chippy van, basically," Kyle says.

"A few years back, when we talked and decided to start a fish and chips, or Irish, restaurant, it wasn't really possible in the city to do a van," he says, so in lieu of starting a mobile fish and chippery, the Anchor team went with the traditional brick and mortar, which has quickly turned into a northeast Minneapolis staple.

The chips of Anchor Fish & Chips
"And then, a couple of years ago, when the city made it more doable to make the truck thing happen in Minneapolis, we started thinking about doing it."

When asked which city he'll base the truck out of, Minneapolis or St. Paul, Kyle explains that the current plan for the van is to primarily focus on festivals and events throughout the state. Kyle does say they'll probably try out some lunches in downtown Minneapolis, but it will probably only be a few days a week. The truck won't offer the full restaurant menu, naturally, but you can expect to see the Irish mainstays such as the fish, the chips, the pasties, and, of course, the mushy peas.

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The Anchor Fish & Chips

302 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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I also don't get why people line-up like that for fish. I'm a meat eater by the way,


Anchor Fish & Chips produces a quality product in generous portions and at a fair price.  That is why folks line up out the door, day after day.  Our family and friends have gone many many times and have always been pleased with the atmosphere, the fish, the fries, the peas and the feeling of the place.  With tables so close, you become conversant with your "next door neighbors".  For those of you bitter unhappy people who don't like an honest attempt by a group of young restauranteurs who have made a very good restaurant, you can go to a plastic seat, plastic table, plastic tasting food place and enjoy that.


I can't for the life of me understand why people line up almost down the block on weekends for below mediocre fish. I can get better at Culver's every time.

Nancy Wainman
Nancy Wainman

Very Interesting. I definitively have an interest in learning more about the Irish cuisine. Exciting to know there is a place right here in the Twin cities area. Cool!!! 


I'm not bitter or unhappy. I just don't get it. The fish is greasy mush. But have fun sitting elbow to elbow with your "stranger neighbors" and mediocre fish n chips...cherio!

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