Andrew Zimmern wins James Beard Award

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Bizarre Foods guru Andrew Zimmern
Minnesota food celebrity and TV show host Andrew Zimmern has won a James Beard Foundation Award for Best Television Show on Location. His popular Bizarre Foods show is now in it's seventh season, with new episodes airing on the Travel Channel Mondays at 8 p.m.

The James Beard Awards are known as the Oscars of the food world. The foundation was set up in 1986 in honor of culinary pioneer James Beard.

Bizarre Foods began in 2007, and since then Zimmern has been traveling around the globe in search of the worlds strangest snackables. His adventures have brought him back to the Twin Cities on more than one occasion. Early in his second season he sat in Heartland, the restaurant of 2012 James Beard Award nominee Lenny Russo, and snacked on wild boar testicles with a few friends.

Zimmern is the contributing editor and longtime writer-blogger for Mpls/St. Paul magazine and the senior editor at Delta Sky magazine.

Zimmern also won a James Beard Award in 2010 for Best TV Personality. 

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Keane Amdahl
Keane Amdahl

Don't worry; I've removed the testicles from the board's and added them back to the boar's. The universe has been set right! ;)


boards have testicles?  that just shattered my universe

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