Bloomy's Roast Beef: A first look at the new food truck

Bloomy's Roast Beef (250x188).jpg
Real deal roast beef straight from the streets
It's clear that a lot of love and care went into the new Bloomy's food truck. If the tender-as-a-mother's-love roast beef wasn't enough, there's also the chronicle that owners Katie J and Ryan Bloomstrom maintained on their blog. Katie's writing is so candid and charming it's hard not be pulling for this truck to be a huge success.

The real test for any truck is always that first taste. They pulled into a space on Marquette this week and began peddling their wares. We joined the respectable line and, with Arby's neon blinking in the background, placed our order.

Original Roast Beef (250x167).jpg
The Bloomy's Classic sandwich
The original roast beef is paper-thin slices of pink meat piled on a shiny domed bun with just a sprinkling of what tasted like a Cajun seasoning mix, without any heat. Alone it could have used just a touch more salt. With a squirt of "horsey" sauce, the nasal-clearing kick perked it right up. For only $4.50, it was plenty of food to conquer a modest appetite.

The Longhorn was the same beef on a not-too-chewy ciabatta roll with a dose of their tangy barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese. Sadly, the cheese had melted in some unappealing clumps. It completely lacked the desired goo-factor ($8).

The French dip was served on the same ciabatta with a nicely melted Provolone and a well-season jus on the sauce ($8).

Sides of fries, veggies, and tots are all available for $2. The one item that wasn't on the menu that I'd like to see is a side of giardiniera. A zesty pickle twang full of heat would be a fantastic foil. Perhaps Bloomy's Not-So-Philly sandwich, with its green peppers, onions, and Swiss cheese, would fill that bill--next time.

Bloomy's Roast Beef
Bloomy's website; Twitter

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Lone Mountain Truck Leasing
Lone Mountain Truck Leasing

This is very nice designed food truck. I really like this type of food truck because they provide nice services to their customer. Food are also good.

Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson

Aaah, trust us Joy - we're on the cheddar cheese like... well, cheese on beef? We've just found a "better cheddar" & are smoking it in-house. Give it another shot & tell us what you think!

Joy Summers
Joy Summers

I'll be back! You had me at rhyming cheese.

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