Dangerous Man Brewing to open in Northeast this fall

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Taproom opening this fall.
It seems as if new local breweries are popping up about as fast as the furry creatures in a game of Whac-a-Mole, but you won't hear us complaining. Another promising company, Dangerous Man Brewing, has finally found suitable space for its craft beer taproom in northeast Minneapolis after a long and storied struggle with the city, reports the Downtown Journal

Brewery owner Rob Miller had to fight tooth and nail to get clearance on his proposal for a new taproom at 1300 Second St. NE, which will eventually accommodate about 80 to 100 customers. Their initial plans were rebuffed because their desired location was too close to a church.

Courtesy Dangerous Man Brewing
The future site of a new Northeast taproom.
But Miller could not be deterred and spent many months working with the City Council to change the ordinances. In November 2011, after a public hearing, the amendment passed, and Dangerous Man was finally able to sign its lease just last month.

Though the situation with the city of Minneapolis vs. food truck-brewery relationships remains tenuous, Miller says he is working with area restaurants who might do delivery (nearby Maeve's Cafe, Northeast Social, the Modern Cafe, and the Anchor Fish & Chips all spring to mind as possible partners), but that he also plans to allow customers to bring in their own food.

Like the Fulton taproom before it, Dangerous Man will brew beer and sell pints on site and will have refillable growlers to buy and take home.

Dangerous Man Brewing Company is slated to open in October. Just think of how this will enhance the Pedal Pub's route through Northeast!

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So true!  I am sure all residents of NE just love the damn Pedal Pub.  If you had any clue about the neighborhood you would realize that the Pedal Pub is an abomination and an insult to the residents of NE.  I hope you were being sarcastic.


This place is going to have the freshest beer in the city! 

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

Couldn't be more excited for this opening! We love our neighborhood, but all it is missing is this place, and good Vietnamese food. We like the pedal pubs here in Bottineau...they make terrific targets for our rotten apples in autumn! They are sweet to ring that damn bell as they approach our intersection so we can load-up!


Shut up Naomi.

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