La Belle Vie named one of the top 25 bars in the country

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Johnny Michaels, the man behind one of the best bars in the country.
It's nice to get the notice, when the man running the bar program literally wrote the book on fine cocktails. Johnny Michaels's cocktail-shaking star continues to rise. This week Men's Fitness magazine named La Belle Vie one of the 25 best bars in America.

Michaels's cocktail menu at La Belle Vie is always filled with expertly built flavors and the most imaginative names. The Most Interesting Man in the World is a perfectly tart take on a margarita with an unexpected twist. A salt-rimmed glass is filled with tequila, blood orange mix, and a dash of Garham Marsala, topped with a thin slice of lime and a little wink to those Dos Equis commercials.

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One of Michaels's inspired creations
There's the Molly McNasty (a whiskey sour with a bit of green Chartreuse), the Mogwai are the Stars (Scotch with a hint of butterscotch), or the Moon Child (a peach-and-black-pepper collins) all making the menu as fun to read as the drinks are to sip.

The Lounge at La Belle Vie is always a great way to experience the fine dining of a James Beard Award-winning restaurant without having to pay the full dining room prices. Most of Michaels's drinks are priced around $12. Speaking of the prestigious James Beard Awards, the Oscars of the food world, La Belle Vie was nominated as a semi-finalist this year.

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La Belle Vie

510 Groveland Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Yay Johnny!!! Well-deserved, at last.

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