Las Teresitas: The little Mexican restaurant that could

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Sasha Landskov
Las Teresitas: Home to City Pages' 2012 Best Taco
The Twin Cities has plenty of options for Mexican food, but don't overlook a little place in south Minneapolis that is offering some of the best tacos in town. Las Teresitas, just off Highway 62 East and 34th Avenue South, has an excellent selection of tacos, burritos, and a wide variety of other Mexican classics at prices that are nearly impossible to ignore.

Las Teresitas has a lot going for it, though its location may not be one of them. It's on the far fringe of the city in a residential area where most people would never notice it. But it's a perfect little nondescript hole-in-the-wall that sells authentic Mexican cuisine.

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A little tongue & cheek
Las Teresitas is the home of City Pages' 2012 Best Taco. In addition to the award-winning chorizo taco, the restaurant also offers ground beef; a delicious and flavorful grilled chicken (something a lot of places lack); succulent, moist carnitas; barbacoa; al pastor; tripe; lengua; and cabeza.  I'm a big fan of the tripe, which comes out crispy and flavorful. The lengua (tongue) and cabeza (cheek) also make great eating.

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Massive burritos smothered in salsa verde
Las Teresitas' burritos are huge and filled with rich, homemade pinto beans and a choice of meat. The "enchilada style" means it comes slathered in a tangy salsa verde and drizzled with a touch of sour cream.

Las Teresitas also has a blackboard of weekly specials and a whiteboard full of daily specials. For instance, on Tuesdays you can get $1 tacos, which are virtually a steal.

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Sasha Landskov
Time to salsa!
Las Teresitas also has an amazing salsa bar. I especially recommend the chili de arbol with garlic. It's not crazy spicy, but it has a nice level of heat and a smooth texture. The salsa bar also has a wide array of veggies, both pickled and non-pickled.

If you're in south Minneapolis with a craving for Mexican food, Las Teresitas' home-cooked, authentic food is a great option to the usual Lake Street hangouts.

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Las Teresitas Mexican Restaurant

5748 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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