Mill City Cafe closing and relocating

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Packing up the patio, Mill City Cafe says goodbye.
One of the most underappreciated patios in Minneapolis will be closing at the end of the month. The Mill City Cafe, the quiet little neighborhood restaurant in Northeast, announced via its Facebook page today that it will be closing and relocating, but not before they throw one last party.

Owner Mandy Zechmeister wrote, "We have been honored to be a part of this Northeast community and are grateful for every person who has enjoyed brunch on our patio ... Our time in this beautiful space has been an amazing experience."

The restaurant was renowned for its patio, artistic surroundings, and being one of our Top 10 Best Breakfasts in Minneapolis, but the location was a bit off the beaten path.

Mill City will continue to serve its veggie burgers at the Anchor Fish & Chips as it builds out the new (as yet undisclosed) location.

Join them for a send off on May 30 from 5 to 10 p.m.

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Mill City Cafe - CLOSED

2205 California St. NE, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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man and van
man and van

I had also heard about The Mill City Cafe that it is closing a\for relocation. It is most popular among the people and hopefully after relocation it will be more and more popular. Before relocating they are placing party.


The times I have been able to go at 8am on a Sat, I have to say there are one of the best eggs bene's in NE, but we haven't gone in almost a year because if we got there later, around 10:30-11 - regular Sat brunch time, some of the menu items were gone and others had been sitting out for awhile. It is a gorgeous space. I know NE is known for dive bars, but we can always do with another less pricy NE Social might be nice.

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