Stanley's on Wheels food truck hits the streets

Stanley's Truck (250x167).jpg
Brisket Reuben on a pumpernickel bun
After watching its Cloverfield-camera-style truck video, the anticipation mounted as we waited for a first sighting of the new truck for Stanley's in Northeast. Stanley's on Wheels peddles comfort foods such as braised meats atop buns or nachos. We found it on Marquette in downtown Minneapolis and joined the other rumbling tummies in line.

We ordered the Reuben, braised brisket topped with a scratch-made thousand island dressing and sauerkraut and tucked into a pumpernickel bun. The meat was tender, and the dressing had a nice amount of creamy mayonnaise flavor. The kraut was mild and a nice texture foil for the meat. Unfortunately, the bun was a bit stale, and there was a whole lot of bun in the meat-to-bread ratio.

Pretzels (250x179).jpg
You can't go wrong with cheese sauce
We added a side order of the pretzel twists: chewy, salted bread twists with the irresistible cheese sauce. A distant cousin of the usual neon goo, this was actually cheesy and creamy. As much as we tried to practice restraint, the little condiment cup was soon empty and might have been scraped empty by greedy fingers.

Stanley's joins the small but growing group of brick-and-mortar restaurants like 128 Cafe, Ngon, and the Smack Shack that are sporting their own trucks.

Stanleys truck rear (179x250).jpg
It's hard not to love a truck that compliments my cans

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Stanley's Northeast Bar Room

2500 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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I thought the only reason why anyone went to that place was to use their urinals.  No urinals? No deal.


You have got to be fucking kidding me.  Stanley's sucks.  The only good thing about it(or Suzi's, Mario's, Nye's) is that it keeps all you assholes from the suburbs out of the bars the locals like to drink in.


Look like someone needs a hug today.


What's with all the hatred and bad language ? Bitter much? Stanley's has an excellent craft beer selection and good food. Guess you prefer your PBR tall boys and rusty bar stool to a nice place...

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