Sushi Fix: Yes, you can get great sushi from a food truck

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California rolls now available curbside
We heard a few people remarking, "Sushi from a truck?" suspiciously behind us, but we were too busy eagerly delivering another bite into our mouths to answer. Instead we waved enthusiastically with chopsticks before turning back for another dish to devour.

The Sushi Fix truck is the realization of a dream for Enkhbileg Tserenbat, better known as Billy. He along with friend and partner Kou Kue are bringing Edo-style sushi, born in Tokyo, to the people of Minnesota.

Both Billy and Kue are onetime sushi chefs from Fuji Ya. Billy was also the head sushi chef at Yumi in Excelsior on Lake Minnetonka. All along, he continued to dream of a sushi truck.

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Zippy little octopus make up the Tako salad
Last week they rolled out their truck for the first time. Dishes we sampled were the squid salad ($8), Spicy Tako Salad ($12), and the Sushi Fix ($15).

The squid salad is a combination of sliced cuttlefish and refreshing vegetables, including crisp cucumber, all tossed in an "ama-zu" sauce. The cool, spicy, crisp salad is a perfect hot summer day lunch. Easy to eat and hard to walk away from, each bite delivers a new, craveable flavor combination.

The Spicy Tako is a friendly little mound of baby octopus and is only available when the chefs are able to get fresh octopus. Served cold and dressed in a spicy sauce, they're dusted with a few toasty sesame seeds. Pleasantly chewy and delightfully spicy, they're a tasty treat.

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Sushi Sampler
The sushi sampler includes four pieces of nigiri sushi and a diner's choice of either spicy tuna, sushicado, or blazing California rolls. We went with the California rolls, and the result was something extraordinary. The rice is beautifully textured and packed with more flavor than you generally expect from white rice. The interior was crisp, crunchy, tender, creamy, and wholly satisfying. Topped with a drizzle of creamy, spicy sauce, these alone would have been enough for a satisfying lunch and blew any other skyway-found California roll we've ever tasted out of the water.

The nigiri were each fresh and full of the delicate flavors of each respective piece of fish. The only downside with these is that they would be better eaten at a table (or desk), rather than on the street, since they were a little hard to handle.

For now Sushi Fix is only licensed in Minneapolis and can be found along Marquette most weekdays for lunch.

So, sushi on the street, from a truck, you might ask? Yes, and fish fans would be wise to check out this newcomer.

Sushi Fix

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Interesting that my mind automatically thinks foodtruck sushi would be sketcy despite logic saying otherwise. Preconceived notions are funny things.


Well Sushi Fix certainly has the better quality of foods. Fresh and clean, not like other places.

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best pizza

Nice article so far! I just pleased to read about it. Love this allocation.  And Sushi Sampler looks so tasty and delicious. Really awesome to see the food. Thanks!


The bias that food from a truck will be somehow inferior in terms of quality or food safety is ridiculous to me. Look to who is purveying the product.  If the purveyor is trained and ethical, the food will be fresh and of good quality no matter whether the storefront has wheels or what.  Same thing with the bad purveyors. Their bricks and mortar restaurant will be as disgusting as their food truck will be, because disgusting is disgusting.


Bitter much? Haven eaten from the tiny little sushi eateries in downtown Minneapolis and from Sushi Fix, I can vouch that the food from Sushi Fix is a lot better because it isn't sitting around for hours (or days) than those at some of the sushi take outs in downtown Minneapolis. The food at Sushi Fix is prepared right in front of you. I suggest you get a grip and get over yourself.


Erica, I'm confused by your response. It sounds like you and I are on the same page, so I don't understand your admonishment.  We agree that sushi that is sitting around for hours or days is not good. My point is, that disgusting practice is all about the people running the place, not about whether it's a truck or a storefront.

Sushi Fix - Fresh food - Good!Little skyway places - Old food - Bad!

So why you hatin'?  Or are you just trollin'?

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