Tangiers Eatery and Lounge to open in North Loop

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Moving into a space on First Avenue North that is roughly equidistant between heralded newcomer the Bachelor Farmer and unbeatable veteran Origami, the North Loop's newest neighbor, Tangiers Eatery and Lounge, is sure to be in good dining company.

With intentions to be open for business by fall, Tangiers owner Behnad Taheri is keeping relatively mum about the restaurant's specifics, reports the Downtown Journal.
The only thing Taheri is willing to share at this time is that Tangiers' menu is still in the works and that its Prohibition-era inspired lounge will be heavy on specialty handcrafted cocktails, something nearby Marvel Bar is already doing fantastically well. 

He did also reveal that his interest in mob movies played a role in choosing the name Tangiers,  which is the name of the fictional hotel featured in the movie Casino. Maybe this means clams casino will be on the menu? Or something marinara perhaps?

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No bakery, no deli, no vet, nothing for children (there are more than 500 in the North Loop) no offices for healthcare professionals, no retail furniture store, no shoe store  in this neighborhood.  There are  more than 4000 residents in the North Loop many of whom are trying to raise families here.  However, we now have another bar/restaurant and the owner wants to have a "mob" theme. Fabulous.  More drunks--More out of control behavior.  Thank you Minneapolis Downtown Council.


finally something new in downtown....looking forward to it!

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