Best of Hot Dish: June 11-15, 2012

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up

waxwing 287.jpg
Courtesy of Waxwing Farm
Anna and Pete, living the country life at Waxwing Farm.
A fine how-do-you-do to all our loyal Hot Dish readers on this lovely stretch of June. Here are a few of the tastiest tidbits from this week's news. 

~Don't forget: Father's Day is this Sunday! Here are a few gift ideas for your food lovin' pops.

~Bring your best furry friend out on the town with our picks for the Top 5 dog-friendly patios.

~The Twin Cities are overflowing with exciting beer news. We have all the latest, right here.

~Savor the season as Adam Vickerman of Cafe Levain shares his recipe for chilled pea soup--a springtime delicacy.

~Ever wonder what it would be like leave the city life behind and run your own farm? We talk to the owners of Waxwing Farm who share their experiences

Have a wonderful weekend. We'll see you next week. 

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