Kowalski's, union reach labor agreement

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Kowalski's reached labor peace
A long and sometimes bitter fight between Kowalski's Markets and a local labor union ended this weekend as workers validated a new agreement with management.

Kowalski's had been at an impasse since last August with its workers, represented by UFCW Local 1189, over various issues. The union protested at Kowalski's Markets in St. Paul last December by bringing a Grinch and lumps of coal to the store. They had been negotiating since January of last year.

That dispute ended yesterday as workers "overwhelmingly voted to accept a new and improved contract offer from their employer," union rep Don Seaquist said Sunday.

Changes to the workers' contract can be found here, courtesy of the union.

Management harbors no hard feelings from the December protest or the protracted negotiations, according to Mike Oase, Kowalski's vice president of operations.

"We were able to come together last week and work through things and get to a good agreement," Oase said. "I think it's good we have an agreement. Both sides feel good about the agreement."

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The reporter and the Union to don't have the story straight. Kowalski's was at an impasse with the UNION not Kowalski's employees. I find it hilarious that an entity that is supposedly "for the employees all day and night" would send there own to picket a UNIONIZED business, a business that is not after leaving the union but, focused on making sure the employees and the company, not the Union and the company, have a quality agreement. The Union bargains for itself, not the employee. Not to mention they picket Kowalski's but do not picket Whole Foods or Trader Joe's both non-union and both within a 3min car ride from Kowalski's.


What the heck happened with the Wedge-Union negotiations? 

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