Salty Tart celebrates 4 years with cookies

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Michelle Gayer celebrates four years of the Salty Tart
Michelle Gayer, the James Beard Award-nominated chef, has been running her bakery, the Salty Tart, for four years today. That is four tasty years of macaroons, cakes, breads, and her unmistakable brand of salty sass. It's hard to imagine a world without those tasty milk buns that have popped up on some of the finer food trucks, or a time where we couldn't savor the pastry-creme-filled brioche.

Stop by the Best Bakery and pick up a little celebratory freebie.

Today only, the Salty Tart will be handing out free cookies to celebrate this special day in Minneapolis food history.

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Salty Tart

920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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