The Bachelor Farmer adds Sunday supper and brunch

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Kara Buckner
Smørrebrød Sunday
The hits keep on coming for Eric and Andrew Dayton's wildly successful restaurant, the Bachelor Farmer. From raving reviews to a recent meal spent with the President of the United States (to whom they served such local, sustainable favorites as greens from Laughing Loon and Dragsmith farms. The First Lady would approve). Up next, the Bachelor Farmer is now adding a Sunday Supper and brunch service.

We were given a preview of these dishes and had a chance to talk with the chefs.

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Kara Buckner
Nutella and cardamom pastry creme filled knots ride the little red cart
Beginning this Sunday, June 10, brunch will be served from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The menu will include omlettes stuffed with such creative ingredients as horseradish butter and crispy Wild Acres duck hearts. There will also be a bevy of baked goods, such as cardamom-pastry-creme- or Nutella-filled knots, the creation of pastry chef Krista Steinbach.

Part of what the Bachelor Farmer does so well are little quirky touches, like the red books filled with diners' comments or the chalkboard that lists half bottles of wine available to guests. Brunch gets the same treatment with the addition of a little red cart. It will roll through the dining room delivering 
The Bachelor Farmer macaroons CR Kara Buckner x 200.jpg
Kara Buckner
A little red cart delivery pastries, macaroons and sparkling wines
the knots, macaroons, and sparkling wine.

Not one for breakfast bubbles? Legendary bar man Pip Hanson has created cocktails like Breakfast Whiskey, with bourbon, smoked maple syrup, and bitters. The Coffee Flip features more bourbon, espresso, and a whole egg. In the non-bourbon day-drink category, he also has a take on a bloody Mary called a Red Snapper, made with freshly juiced tomatoes and gin.

For the Scandinavians, there will also be smorrebrod, featuring the toast that launched a thousand four-star reviews. It's butter bread topped with grilled asparagus, English pea puree, and aged goat cheese or bacon confit, lettuce, tomato, and bacon aioli.

In the evening, Sunday Supper will begin at 5 p.m. It will no longer be taking reservations for Sunday, and the supper will be first-come, first- served seating. Inspired by a giant family meal, the menu will be  a set three courses.

The Bachelor Farmer duck CR Kara Buckner x 200.jpg
Kara Buckner
Roast duck Sunday Supper
Chef Paul Berglund is stepping aside and allowing his sous chef, Jon Wipfli, to shine during Sunday service. "It's a chance to create a special atmosphere in the restaurant that comes from all the guests in the dining room enjoying the same delicious meal together," Berglund says. "It's how we serve our families and entertain guests in our homes. Sunday nights should feel like home." 

The menu for each Sunday will be posted every Saturday. The price will vary depending on the meal but will stay within the $29 to $34 range. A typical meal might include roast duck served over rye spaetzle and savoy cabbage.

With additional reporting from Kara Buckner

The Bachelor Farmer pastry chef Krista Steinbach CR Kara Buckner x 200.jpg
Kara Buckner
The Bachelor Farmer pastry chef Krista Steinbach
The Bachelor Farmer chef Jon Wipfli CR Kara Buckner x 200.jpg
The Bachelor Farmer sous chef Jon Wipfli

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