Birdhouse's vegetable juice spritzers: Add them to your summer survival kit

Nutritious and delicious: Veggie spritzers on the Birdhouse patio

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Veggie Spritzers
Birdhouse on Hennepin
2516 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis
612.377.2213; Birdhouse FB page

It's hard to fathom, but this recent streak of sweltering heat has left us eshewing cocktails in favor of more hydrating, rejuvenating beverages. Though the perfectly sweet, light-bodied aguas frescas from Taqueria La Hacienda are always a staple in the Minnesota summer survival kit, right now we're loving some drinks that are kind of like their savory, veggie-based cousins: the healthy spritzers at the newly opened Birdhouse on Hennepin.

Here are a few we'd highly recommend you enjoy on a patio or as a nutrient-rich start to your day.

The Crazy Carrot takes the sweet, almost milk-like texture of carrot juice and brightens it with orange juice and a top up of club soda over ice. The Meat and Potatoes is a little more green and earthy (pictured above) and uses a mix of leafy vegetables that changes daily. On our visit they were using kale, apple, celery, and avocado, with delicious results. There's also a cucumber-based cooler and a version that uses a mix of fresh berries.

High-quality ingredients and a little bit of bubbly water go a long way in these drinks of the week.  Birdhouse also makes its own frothy cream soda and a crisp lemon-lime soda that are worth checking out. 

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