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Parasole hands over the keys to Figlio
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Just a week after the old space was reopened as PrimeBar, the phoenix of Figlio rises from its original Uptown location and heads for the suburbs. Yesterday it was announced that Parasole sold the brand to the owners of Crave. Phil Roberts of Parasole shared what we all already knew, "Closing Figlio was the biggest ****ing mistake I've ever made in my life."

So, where can we get our pasta and pizza fix?

Kaskaid Hospitality CEO Kam Talebi, who owns the fast-expanding Crave, made the deal to buy the brand. Crave will install Figlio 2.0 in the space now occupied by Soprano's, in the Shops at West End in St. Louis Park. Soprano's chef J.P. Samuelson will work on the revival.

Figlio was an icon of the Uptown '80s restaurant scene. Its open kitchen, wood-fire pizza, and tortellini with prosciutto and peas in cream sauce were a staple of Uptown dining for 25 years. While the room didn't age well, the food continued to draw in customers. When the new Il Gatto failed to recapture diners' hearts, Parasole pulled out of the space and abandoned the corner in Calhoun Square.

Figlio's menu changed often, and with the new place plans are to update the menu. The interior of Soprano's is also getting an overhaul courtesy of Shea, Inc. Will they bring back the pink neon? Is this a revival or an exploitation of nostalgia? Does this mean I have to revisit my dark past with mall bangs? Only time will tell.

The Figlio 2.0 plans to open by September 24.

Location Info

Soprano's Italian Kitchen - CLOSED

5331 W. 16th St., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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I ate at Sopranos. If the same chef is going to come up with great new recipes for the new figlio's then I will drive right on by. I left my Soprano's dinner after two bites. The food couldn't have been worse. And I'm assuming thats why Soprano's closed.

 And Figlio's was more than just really good food. That atmosphere can't be duplicated. Nor can that location.

Figlio's was destined for landmark status. Scrub the floors, wash the windows, reupholster the chairs. Never mess with the recipes, food items/selections or LOCATION!!!




Another cookie cutter company taking a brand and turning it into another boring CRAVE - who wants to bet it will be the same menu!! OMG bring us something new and original.

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