Brunch at Icehouse: the savory eclair

David McCrindle
The brunch of indulgent champions
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Though it's barely been open a month (full review is coming soon), we've already found many reasons to love Icehouse on Eat Street. Like the bar program, headed up by Northstar Bartender's Guild's Johnny Michaels, which includes delicious oversized sipping shots for just $5; the lightly sweet, super smooth house-made sweet corn ice cream; and the raised stage made of beautiful reclaimed wood. But the newest reason we have to love Icehouse is a unique item served only at brunch: the savory eclair.

Here are all the mouthwatering details on this sweet and salty morning glory:
The house-made, hand-piped, light-as-air eclairs are glossily glazed and split down the middle (in the style of a hot dog bun) to accommodate thick planks of maple-brushed pork belly. The oblong pastry sandwich is finished off with a pale golden liquid cheddar and served with an over-easy fried egg.

The marriage of sweet, salty, chewy, and creamy is a wonderful union indeed, and even though this creation sounds like it could be edging into Paula Deen Lady's Brunch Burger territory, the size, especially as a plate to share, keeps this dish from being too rich.

In French the word eclair refers to a "flash of lightning," and in the case of the Icehouse's savory eclairs, that is precisely how quickly they'll go from plate to belly.

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