Top 5 ways to celebrate National Hot Dog Day today

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Aside from National Pie Day (January 23), Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12), and Whiskey Sour Day (August 25), today, National Hot Dog Day, is one of the food holidays we look forward to the most.

There's nothing wrong with packing a picnic lunch or firing up the grill in your own back yard, but here are five ways to celebrate today at local restaurants:

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1. Nate Beck, owner of Natedogs, says he eats a hot dog pretty much every day, so this holiday is really just business as usual for him. However, Beck is promising to make it a little special for customers by making his signature homemade bacon jam available as today's can't-miss condiment. Track his cart's location by following Natedogs on Twitter.

2. If you find yourself in Uptown around lunch or happy hour, swing into Muddy Waters on Lake and Lyndale to experience the Mexicali dog, which has plenty of bang for your buck (well, your $7) since it's actually two dogs stuffed into one bun. The pair are topped in the style of the dangerously addictive hot dogs you can get on the street in Mexico, with chopped bacon, ancho chile mayo, crumbles or queso fresco, and a nice, bright scattering of cilantro. Try one with a pint of Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat, on tap at Muddy's. The lovely, smooth, sweet stout is the perfect antidote to the spice of the chilies.

3. The fantastic new eatery/music venue Icehouse on Eat Street does a snappy homemade sausage on a crusty, glossy roll, with spicy homemade gardiniera. It's available from lunch to late night and goes very well with a refreshing Derek Smalls -- Icehouse's version of a gin collins, infused with cooling cucumber.

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Diamond Dog
4. Between sponsoring the big Diamond Dog eating contest on the Fourth of July and us naming the Diamond Dog our favorite hot dog of the year, it's pretty clear that we have love for this bacon-wrapped beauty. If you've never experienced The Depot Tavern's signature dog, there's no time like the present when it comes to a glorious pretzel bun. If the regular Diamond Dog isn't quite calorie-laden enough for you, go for the Diamond Corndog, which has all the pork and bacon of the original with a golden cornmeal batter crust. Is it cheating on hot dog day? Probably. But we won't tell.

5. Fancy a fancier hot dog? Then make a date at Butcher and the Boar tonight and order a sampling of sausages. Both the fiery Texas Hot Link and the apple-tinged Berkshire cheddar sausage with hard cider sauce are hard to pass up, but B&B's footlong with Cajun chow chow is as gorgeous as it is gut-bustingly delicious.

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The Depot Tavern

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Butcher & the Boar

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