New restaurant in Shinders space has a chef and a name

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Big plans for new restaurant in downtown Minneapolis

After months of folks trying to get a glimpse of what was going inside the old Shinders space at Hennepin and Eighth Street, plans have finally been announced. It will be an ambitious space, with year-round dining under the stars, a talented chef, and a stellar bar program. Everybody hold onto your hats: Here comes Union.

Kaskaid Hospitality will be running the show. It will add this new spot to its growing list of restaurants, which include Crave, Urban Eatery, and the just announced Figlio reboot.

Jim Christiansen, formerly of Il Gatto, Sea Change, and La Belle Vie, will run the kitchen. The menu will be "eclectic American food."

Johnny Michaels, the superstar bar wizard, will create the drink list. Michaels has also built cocktail programs for Icehouse and Masu Sushi and Robata, as well as for La Belle Vie, where he continues to appear behind the bar.

While that's a tasty team, what really has people salivating is the promise of the area's first year-round patio. A glass, retractable roof will allow diners to eat under the stars, or snowfalls, in any season. Plus, there should be plenty of room. Kaskaid is planning to serve 200 seats under the 28-foot ceiling. 

The space is being designed by Shea, which has plenty of experience working with local, unique restaurants such as Chino Latino, Brasa, and Masu.

These ambitious plans are coming together quickly, with an expected opening in November.

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Johnny Micheals, couldn't evan make it as a barback at Bunny's what a joke !


Another place that is Crave like - can we have more variety please.  It's another suburban wannabe place, much like crave's ambient atmosphere which will sell the same type of food and drink... Boring.. owned by the same team, producing the same monotonous drivel...



I hope the glass will be bulletproof.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I wonder if they would let me bring in some magic the gathering cards and porno for old times sake to scan before I have a meal.

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