Andrew Zimmern to launch AZ Canteen at State Fair

This famous face is coming soon to a food truck near you

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The world may know him as the guy who goes for the business end of the animal, but we once knew him as the celebrated chef of the late, lamented Cafe Un Deux Trois. Bizarre Foods mastermind Andrew Zimmern will be getting into the food truck business and making his debut at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Zimmern is clearly a fan of the trucks. He recently hosted a Food & Wine food truck event at South Beach and will again this October in New York City.  

 Zimmern will actually be in the truck when it debuts on August 25 at the State Fair. The initial menu includes andouille, oyster, and crab gumbo; crispy pork belly with green papaya salad, chiles, lime with a fried egg; cabrito (goat) butter burger; griddled veal tongue; Izzy's ice cream sandwiches; and Nicaraguan dulce de leche shaved ice with pound cake.

Zimmern is an outspoken proponent of snout to tail (and all the naughty bits between) eating, and we expect he will serve these creative cuts deliciously.

AZ Canteen

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Best news I've heard all day! @citypages @andrewzimmern @MinnStateFair

Lisha Ginn
Lisha Ginn

NO!!! HELL NO! He eats some nasty ass shit!


@JoyEstelle HA! I have a feeling there will be many taint and pork jokes roaming around tonight. Gotta get my game on.

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