Augtoberfest: Tilia celebrates with second-annual block party

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Tilia presents its second-annual Augtoberfest
On Sunday, the Linden Hills restaurant Tilia hosted its second-annual Augtoberfest block party. Droves of people came to celebrate with the restaurant, which catered a variety of food and beverages as well as live music and other goodies.

Some of the the sights from the outdoor extravaganza included brats from local meat maven Jack Riebel of Butcher & the Boar, a hog roast, and several beer and wine options.

Lucy Michelle of the Velvet Lapelles.jpg
Lucy Michelle of the Velvet Lapelles 
In addition to the food and libations, local alt band the Honeydogs took to the stage, as did Lucy Michelle of the Velvet Lapelles, Javier and the Innocent Sons, and King Edward VII. Kids could be seen sporting stylish face paintings, many resembling masks of classic superheroes. 

South Minneapolis's Harriet Brewing was in attendance pouring its Pilsner and West Side Belgian-style IPA.

The party ran in an interesting way that seemed to catch a few people off guard. To be served beer or wine, you first had to purchase food. At that point you could get a wristband that would allow you to buy drinks. Wandering through the crowd, we heard a few complaints about the policy, but overall people seemed to be enjoying themselves. We wondered if it was a way to generate participation in the food aspect of the event or if it was to make sure the neighborhood block party didn't get out of hand. Despite the longer lines created by the policy, the event seemed to run smoothly. Tilia's yearly Augtoberfest is clearly a hit among the people.

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2726 W. 43rd St., Minneapolis, MN

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Dustin Djdudleyd Meyer
Dustin Djdudleyd Meyer

It was great besides that fact that you had to buy food to get beer. But if that is what has to happen to keep this happening then im all about it!


 @JorgP Thanks for the explanation! That makes a lot of sense and all things considered, you all pulled it off very well.


Thanks to all who joined us for Tilia's Augtoberfest yesterday.  And thanks again to our Linden Hills neighbors for allowing us the use of the street for the event!  It was a great day!


As one of the owners of Tilia, I'll take a crack at explaining why we had to manage liquor sales in the admittedly inelegant way described in this post.  Tilia's liquor license mandates that we have to sell our guests food before we can sell them alcohol. That provision extended to the Augtoberfest event, which falls under our liquor license.  Believe us, we know it's clunky, and we wish we didn't have to do it that way.  We're grateful, however, that people were extremely understanding and supportive after we explained the reasons behind the food-first policy. We even took the opportunity to query the Mayor, who dropped by the event with his wife, about what we might be able to do in the future to avoid having to inconvenience guests who came by only for a cold beer and some great music.  We'll keep working on that, and hope to make next year's Augtoberfest even better! 

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