Butter bakery moving to new location, seeks funding through Kickstarter

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Butter, a south Minneapolis bakery, won't be moving far
The south Minneapolis bakery Butter is looking to move to a new, bigger location, and it has taken to the crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter to help with the expansion. Butter, now on the 3500 block of Grand Avenue, hopes to move into a bigger space to increase both its kitchen and dining areas, which will also allow them to add housemade ice cream to the current product list, says owner Daniel Swenson-Klatt.

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Image Courtesy of Butter Kickstarter Page
The new location
The new location will be on the corner of the 3700 block of Nicollet Avenue, only a few blocks from the current site. It is now under construction with the help of the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation. Butter will be partnering with the foundation to offer apprenticeships to people involved in the foundation's supportive housing program.

Butter has taken to Kickstarter to help raise funds to upgrade some of the bakery's older and outdated decor and systems. According to its Kickstarter page, the funds will be used to buy new tables made of reused wood, upgrade the point-of-sale system, buy an ice cream display freezer, and for additional chairs and stools both inside and for the outdoor patio.

The kickstarter campaign runs until the middle of September and has a goal of $15,000. The bakery hopes to open in its new location in October. To learn more, you can visit Butter's kickstarter page here

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