Coffee News on Grand Avenue closes unexpectedly

Tony Nelson
Grand Avenue just got a little sadder

The neon sign on their window is still glowing the word "Open," but Coffee News's management team added a sign above it that reads "always and forever" and another one below that says "in our hearts!" General manager Stephen Schweckendieck confirmed that after 14 years as a Mac-Groveland neighborhood staple, CNC has closed its doors. The restaurant served its final customer last Wednesday afternoon.

So what happened and what will become of the space? Here's what we found out:

While no official statement has been made on CNC's reasons for closing, Schweckendieck did write on the restaurant's Facebook page that the space will be remodeled and open with an entirely new concept. It will still be a restaurant, but as far as we know, CNC and its management team will not be involved.

Regulars knew the place as a great pit stop for Grand Avenue shoppers, a cheap breakfast spot for Macalester students, a friendly workspace for freelancers, and above all, a St. Paul mecca for garlic fries.

You'll be missed, Coffee News, but we're pretty interested to see what that piece of prime real estate evolves into.

Location Info

Coffee News Cafe - CLOSED

1662 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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Every time I read and hear coffee shop businesses that stop, it really makes me sad. Hope their reasons for closing it will not give them regrets in time. To think that it has been open for 14 years, it is really hard to let go such especially if you’re getting in love in what you do. I’m sure many people and regular customers missed Coffee News Shop. -


I heard it was going to become a St. Paul branch of French Meadow Bakery.


Chris Welton
Chris Welton

Itll be some over-priced place that will last 6mo.

Ryan Parker Knox
Ryan Parker Knox

Sad! What a great place for some get-out-of-the-apartment time.

Dakota Sexton
Dakota Sexton

Sad. Coffee News (and their bottomless cups of genuinely good coffee) got me through high school.

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