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Coming soon to Plymouth

We'd heard there had been some construction activity out at the former Joe Senser's in Plymouth, and today we know why. Mpls/St. Paul magazine reports that the new restaurant will be called Eat Shop Kitchen and Bar.

Michael Larson, who until recently was a partner and the vice president of purchasing at Parasole, will be runnung Eat Shop. He left the company for this venture. Behind the burners will be Jeffrey Anderson, who was most recently cooking at Cafeteria, another Parasole alum.

They plan to bring some independent-restaurant thinking to the land of big chains. Their Facebook page indicates that entrees will be in the $10-30*, but they will serve everything a suburban diner could want, from breakfast to dinner, hot dogs to vegan-friendly fare. The food will be seasonal and made from scratch.

It's not easy to be all things to all people, but the restaurant experience behind this venture looks promising. Look for a mid-September opening.

16605 County Road 24, Plymouth

*The original prices posted on their Facebook page have been amended.

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If you consider a suburban diner someone satisfied by Perkins, then sure the sentence is an oxymoron. 


In actuality, Plymouth has frequently been ranked as one of the best cities in which to live in the country, and the western TC suburbs in general are rather prosperous. What to these suburban diners want? Local, fresh, and good-tasting food--all of which are offered at Eat Shop and presented by a team incredibly knowledgeable in the restaurant industry.


The range has since been updated to $10-$30.



@citypages $30 - $50 an entree! That can't be right. Typo?


"entrees will be in the $30 to $50, but they will serve everything a suburban diner could want.."


Isn't that sentence an oxymoron?


@annleewai That was the price they have listed on their Facebook page, but it also says "casual." We'll see.

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