Hello Pizza: Is this the pie you're looking for?

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Photo courtesy Pizzeria Lola
I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile, you're looking for a great piece of pie

Yesterday on the Pizzeria Lola Facebook page, it was confirmed that they will be opening another restaurant, heralded by the above picture. In what may be the greatest preview campaign of all time, the picture quickly began circulating through social media and planting earworms citywide.

Soon to be in the former Franklin Street Bakery location, we expect to see the same New York style slices with some differences.

Pizzeria Lola's general manager Rachel Swan spoke with Jason Walker at Heavy Table and said that while there will be some similarities, there will not be a wood-fired oven identical to Lola's. They are still working on how to get that cravable char.

However it goes, they have certainly got our attention now. If you hear anyone else humming this today, you'll know they're likely craving some pizza.

Hello Pizza
3904 Sunnyside Rd., Minneapolis

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