Nick & Eddie alumnus to open new spot in the Warehouse District - UPDATED

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The crew from Nick and Eddie are opening a new place in the Warehouse District

They said they would be back, and the re-emergence has begun. Jeremy Zoss at the Downtown Journal is reporting that  Ben Hill has nabbed the old City Billiards space at 25 Fourth St. N. The proposed name is The Belmore.

They will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. Much of the cooking will be done from scratch. Hill described the food as "Kind of like a fancy diner -- that's what we want to call it. Fancy bar food slash hippie food."

As they did with Nick and Eddie, they will have a little music on the weekends, though no DJs or 18-plus nights. They are trying to distance themselves from some of the other music venues in the area.

By day they will have 40 seats and offer both dine-in and deli takeout; by night the maximum capacity will be 300.


City Pages had originally reported that Doug and Jessica Anderson also of Nick and Eddie and the late Au Rebours were to be involved in this project, based on the direct quotes taken from the Downtown Journal Story. We received an email from Mr. Anderson alleging that the Journal's author "did no fact checking." Please see below for more thoughts from Mr. Anderson.

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This article is wildly inaccurate. The Journal reporter's fact checking is faulty. Although Jessica and I are appreciative of well wishers, the truth is neither of us has any ownership stake in this restaurant. Furthermore, The Belmore(correct spelling) is not a continuation of Nick and Eddie. Jessica is considering selling cookies at The Belmore's retail counter. I designed kitchen and consulted on menu(hippie food?, nonsense-there is nothing brown or funky on menu). I had planned on booking music and waiting tables, that is now up in the air. Neither Jessica nor myself have any desire to own another restaurant. We think Ben Hill, the sole owner, will create a very nice restaurant. Please do not make connections with Nick and Eddie, that restaurant has closed and Ben deserves the opportunity to establish himself on his own effort. Please be considerate of the amount of work Ben has done and despite articles, avoid associating The Belmore with Nick and Eddie. Nobody spoke to me regarding this project and all info relating to N and E is speculative at best.

Thank You

Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson

Thank you to well wishers, however, the story is riddled with inaccuracies. Neither Jessica nor myself have any ownership interest in The Bellmore(correct spelling The Belmore). The writer has made a series of wild assumptions regarding this restaurant. It has no connection to Nick and Eddie and will be nothing like it. Ben Hill is the sole owner, I helped him put together a kitchen and consulted on menu. I had planned on helping him book music and waiting tables. That now is very much up in the air. Ben has no desire to recreate Nick and Eddie and neither Jessica nor I any desire to own another restaurant. As for hippie food I wouldn't eat or expect anyone else to. Ben's new restaurant will be very good and very affordable. Please do not make any connection between N and E and The Belmore. Thank you, Doug Anderson


@thatssocaroline @ben_isaacson oh boy. This is going to be trouble.

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