Perennial Plate to launch world tour

Perennial Plate animation (550x345).jpg
They're packing up the film gear, knives, and red sweatshirt for another food adventure

Daniel Klein, chef and filmmaker, had moved to Minnesota with the idea of opening his own restaurant to promote farm-to-table cooking. When he realized that we already had a wealth of chefs doing just that, he turned to his other passion, filmmaking.  He and girlfriend Mirra Fine created the Perennial Plate, an online video series talking about the people who are raising food ethically, outside of the Big Ag system. They filmed their Thanksgiving bird going from gobbler to table (and converted Fine to vegetarianism in the process) and many other uniquely Minnesota adventures. The following year, using money from Kickstarter, they traveled across the country, filming their sustainable-eating adventures. Today, they announced their next adventure.

The duo has paired with Intrepid Travel to film food from around the world. Season 3 of the Perennial Plate will start filming in September and airing on their website in October. What can we expect? Klein writes on his blog, "Rooftop farms in Beijing, grass-fed beef in Argentina, blue fin tuna spawning in Japan, tea in Sri Lanka, and some hardcore food porn in Italy."

Watch Perennial Plate's hilarious animated video here recapping past journeys and announcing the next season's travel .

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