Republic to open second location in Uptown

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E. Katie Holm
Republic is moving on up to Uptown

The brewpub that has beer aficionados swooning has announced it is ready to expand. Tom Horgen at the Star Tribune is reporting that Matt O'Reilly and Rick Guntzel of Republic have just signed the lease to take over the former Independent space in Calhoun Square.

They plan to model it after their original location, which will be a big difference from the red-and-black decor that dominated the former tenant. They'll add timber and brick to the interior. The outdoor space that had languished as a pigeon and cigarette butt collector will be scrubbed and made into an extension of the interior bar, with big windows overlooking Lake and Hennepin.

The bar will include about 40 taps stocked with a good amount of local, craft brews. The menu will likely be the same as the original as well. 

The neighborhood pub vibe will be a welcome addition to the once funky neighborhood.

Calhoun Square
Hennepin Avenue & Lake Street West, Minneapolis

Location Info

Republic at Seven Corners

221 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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