Sonora Grill to make its television debut

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Shrimp Caramelo JSummers(500x353).jpg
Caramelos, ready for their close up on the Food Network

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We already knew that they were ready for the big time. Soon the world will meet the guys from Sonora Grill when they make their national television debut on the Food Network.

Sonora Grill will be featured on the new 24 Dollars in 24 Hours.  The Food Network had scouted Midtown Global Market on a tip and landed at the Sonora Grill, enjoying the $2.50 caramelo tacos, Sonoran Hot Dog, and more.

Sonora Grill.jpg
E. Katie Holm
Owners Conrado Paredes and Alejandro Castillon and Fernando Arnanda at Sonora Grill

The show is expected to premiere in September. It's hosted by Jeff Mauro, the Season 7 winner of "Food Network Star" and host of Sandwich King. (Season 7 was also when Minneapolis's own Justin Davis competed.)

Sonora Grill Caramelos tacos JSummers (500x345).jpg

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Sonora Grill

920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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