Bon Appetit nominates the Bachelor Farmer as one of America's best new restaurants

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The Bachelor Farmer's first birthday party Saturday was a crawdad feast
Saturday afternoon a warm breeze graced attendees at the Bachelor Farmer's kravfskiva, a Scandinavian crawfish bash. Guests wore their yellow party hats akimbo as the Dayton brothers circulated through the crowd. There was a lot to celebrate. In their first year, their restaurant has been graced with four stars, a New York Times write-up, and attention from Food & Wine. Now Bon Appetit has added another accolade to the list and nominated them as one of America's 50 Best New Restaurants.

We contacted Eric Dayton to see what he had to say about the first year, the party, and what they have planned for year two.

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Happy Birthday, Bachelor Farmer!
City Pages: So, now that you've conquered the Cities and the world is landing on your doorstep, what is planned for the next year at the Bachelor Farmer?

Eric Dayton: As for next year, nothing big to announce at the moment. We're still a young restaurant, and we want to keep getting better at what we're already doing now, so that's our main focus.One fun thing to note is that on Friday, Paul and I are leaving for a 10-day trip to New York, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. We'll be visiting a bunch of amazing restaurants and just generally gathering ideas. It'll be fun to see how that experience inspires the menu in the coming months.

So, you heard it here first: First the Bachelor Farmer brought national press to Minneapolis, next they'll be bringing us the world.

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The Bachelor Farmer

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