Top 10 Indian restaurants in the Twin Cities

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Indian food: the spice of life
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Could Indian food be the perfect regional cuisine? Its exquisite blending of perfectly balanced spices beckon equally in the sultry days of summer or on frigid winter nights. Its tastes are so delicious they'll satisfy a picky child, yet so complex they'll gratify the pickiest foodie. Dishes are rich enough for a raja, but affordable enough for a student, and they are easily tailored for vegetarians or carnivores, for timid diners or heat-seeking adventurers. When that craving strikes - and you know it will - here are our Top 10 choices for Indian food in the Twin Cities.

10. Jewel of India

Located in the Seven Corners neighborhood of Minneapolis between downtown and the University of Minnesota, Jewel of India is one of the best ethnic food options on the West Bank. Their daily lunch buffet is expansive and affordable, stocked with delicious curries, biryani,tandoori and vegetarian specialties, and plenty of naan to sop up the spicy sauces. Parking can be a challenge, but the pleasant, aromatic space makes a worthwhile pre-theater or post-class dining destination. The extensive menu also includes beer and wine. (1427 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis;612.339.0002)

9. Gorkha Palace
Jana Freiband
This Northeast Minneapolis restaurant is on a tucked-away block between Surdyk's and Ground Zero, but its small dining room has a welcoming feel, its walls and banquette upholstery awash in the warm, earthy tones of chiles, turmeric, and garam masala. It is co-operated by two Nepali women who offer a seasonally changing menu of mostly Nepali and Indian dishes with a few Tibetan items in the mix. The more common dishes are as good as any. Tandoor-baked chicken sekuwa is tender, smoky, and expertly seasoned. Curries such as the machha, or tilapia, version are subtly but richly seasoned. Also worth noting: Gorkha is one of the few ethnic restaurants in town to emphasize sustainable business practices by purchasing local meats and dairy and operating a composting program. (23 4th St. NE, Minneapolis; 612.886.3451)

8. Biryani Cuisine of India
Mixing traditional Indian dishes and ones created by their own chefs, Edina-based Biryani offers an inviting meal for those looking for more than just cookie-cutter Indian food. With a focus on Bangladeshi and northern Indian cuisine served in a semi-formal atmosphere, some of the menu highlights include goat rezala--with the meat sauteed with a unique mix of seasoning and curry - and salmon Indian style. You'll also find several traditional entrees, from curry to vindaloo to Greek masala, each offered with various meats. And don't forget the array of varieties of the titular dish. Vegetarians also have a number of options. Most entrees are between $12 and $17. A buffet featuring 30 items from the menu is offered daily. (7078 Amundson Ave, Edina; 952.946.0009)

7. Chindian Cafe
Bre McGee
Chindian serves a typical array of American Chinese fare at typical prices, but touches like using beef from Thousand Hills Cattle Co. and the inclusion of Indian and Malaysian dishes on the menu raise it to a higher level. Popular menu items include vegetarian samosas (handmade pastries stuffed with fresh vegetables and spices in a signature mint sauce) and Madras Chicken (served with carrots, onions, pea pods, dried chilies, and curry leaves). Dishes such as the Indian fried noodles (wheat noodles, chicken, tofu, eggs, sprouts and scallions, garnished with a lime wedge) and the Indian hot and sour soup (tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, curry leaves, mustard seeds, dry red chilies and rasam spice) are tasty and reasonably priced. The abundance of gluten-free options are well-marked on the menu, and they now serve beer and wine along with homemade ginger tea and lemonade. (1500 E. Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis; 612.676.1818)

6. Tandoor
Photo from Tandoor Restaurant
A much-beloved Twin Cities establishment, family-owned and operated Tandoor has pleased long and hard with its traditional Indian dinners combined with the stylish zest for life maintained by Tandoor's owners. This Bloomington restaurant has been serving up quality Indian dishes for over 20 years. They offer a daily lunch buffet (with a special Maharaja buffet on Saturdays), and plenty of vegetarian options in addition to treats like walleye curry with coconut milk, chicken tikka masala with dal makhani, and, of course, plenty of tandoor dishes. Their kebabs and bread are prepared in a traditional clay oven, and the mango ice cream is house-made. (8062 Morgan Cir., Bloomington; 952.888.5020)

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Gorkha Palace

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Jewel of India

1427 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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