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Mo Perry
Fall of Temperance, now being served at Eat Street Social
One of the best things about turning the calendar page over to September is the influx of new and classic fall beverages. Starbucks and Caribou pull out the old pumpkin spice latte (would it be so craveable if you could get it year-round?), the orchards start selling gallons of cider, and wine drinkers hang up the Chardonnay and reach for the Cabernet. Twin Cities cocktail enthusiasts have many reasons to be happy any day of the year, with ambitious, drinkable mixological magic happening at bars such as Marvel Bar, the Strip Club, and Cafe Maude, but Eat Street Social's new Indian Summer cocktail menu is cause for even more celebration this month. Here are a few of the new killer seasonal beverages on offer at the Nicollet Avenue eatery.

Mo Perry
The Fall of Temperance (pictured above), is a kicky mix of two kinds of rum, lime, and two kinds of bitters that is served with a recreation of a drawing sketched by Walt Whitman while he worked on his early, little-known temperance novel Franklin Evans. If you like your cocktails with a side of artistic irony and a literary wink, this is the one for you.

The drink blends the sweetness of rum with counteracting bitters, creating the effect of a strong black tea shot through with the astringency of alcohol. It's a drink you experience in the sinuses as much as on the palate, and with the accompanying artwork, your aesthetic sensibilities are invited to the party as well.

Mo Perry
One of our favorites on the new menu is the Harvest Soon, made with local gin, lemon, cocoa nib liqueur, egg white, amaro, and maple brown syrup. This one is a smooth drinking, autumnal indulgence, with all the creaminess of a rich latte (from the egg whites), the pleasant spice of your favorite fall soup (from the cinnamon and nutmeg garnishes), and the headiness you want from a $9 cocktail. This one is a home run (or a touchdown, to keep our sports analogies seasonally consistent).
Mo Perry
The True Romance (right) and In the Bergamot (left) are at opposite ends of the flavor spectrum. The True Romance (vodka, lemon, peach coulis, mint, bitters and seltzer) is perfect for these in-between days that have the dwindling light of autumn but the lingering heat of summer. It's a light, refreshing drink with the fizz and brightness of a mojito and the uncomplicated clarity of a vodka tonic. In contrast, the In the Bergamot is a deep, herbacious blend of bourbon, Aperol (an Italian aperitif comparable to Campari), Earl Gray-infused vermouth, and seltzer, garnished with a slice of orange peel. Aromatic and intense, with hints of tea and citrus, this is a cocktail that will put a little hair on your chest.
Mo Perry
We'll close with a shout out to one of the drinks Eat Street always has on their cocktail menu, no matter the season, the Of the Older Fashioned. Comprised of bourbon, syrup, and bitters, and garnished with a lemon peel, it's one of the most straightforward drinks on their menu in terms of the number of ingredients, but the quality of those ingredients (down to the giant, hand-chipped ice bauble), and the precision with which they're mixed, make for an outstanding version of a classic cocktail that's not to be missed.
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