Harriet Brewing releasing Oktoberfest Thursday

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Photo: Briana Bierschbach.
Harriet Brewing owner Jason Sowards introduces the new selection.

Harriet Brewing, a relative old-timer in Minneapolis's burgeoning microbrewery scene, will be releasing an Oktoberfest selection at its tap room Thursday.

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Harriet offered its first samples to friends and media Tuesday night, and we're happy to report that it doesn't disappoint. It's easily a contender for their best selection yet, which is a high compliment to a brewery that has yet to produce a bad beer.

Keeping in the traditional German style, the Märzan/Oktoberfest is heavy on the toasted malts, with a subtly hoppy aftertaste. According to Harriet, the initial rich taste comes from a blend of Vienna, Munich, and Pilsner malts.

Here she is:

Photo: Briana Bierschbach.

Harriet will be serving the Oktoberfest at its taproom at 3036 Minnehaha Ave. beginning tomorrow. The brewery will also be releasing a couple more new taps on September 29 at "Rauchfest 2012," a concert held outside the taproom featuring the Big Wu, the Premiums, and more.

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Harriet Brewing

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