Inspired by City Pages' horoscope, couple bakes 'Unicorn Poop' cookies

Unicorn cookies.jpg
Photo courtesy of Michael Uss.
Jessica Burdette baked these "unicorn poop" cookies after she got the idea from our horoscopes.
Minneapolitan Jessica Burdette was reading City Pages over Labor Day weekend when she stumbled upon this life-changing message in our horoscope section by Rob Brezny:

"You need more magic in your life. ...Consider getting the process started by baking some unicorn poop cookies."

According to her boyfriend Michael Uss, Burdette got all riled up. "She doesn't get excited about a lot," he says. "But she got uncharacteristically very excited."

(Burdette has, however, apparently undertaken other unusual baking projects.
According to Uss, she baked a "bunny butt" cake this past Easter.)

Uss, a cameraperson for Kare 11's Minnesota Bound, busted out his camera
to document Burdette's process of baking rainbow-swirl cookies that certainly resemble what one might imagine Unicorn poop would look like. If you, you know, imagine those sorts of things.

The recipe was for a cream-cheese sugar cookie, but Burdette improvised and added a little bit of lemon. "When I think of a unicorn's diet, I think of Skittles," she says. "That's why I added the lemon. They tasted like sunshine."

Here's the video:

Inspired to make your own unicorn poop cookies? The recipe is here.

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