Joia Soda introduces two new flavors

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Joia Ginger Apricot Allspice 4-pack (365x550).jpg
Photo courtesy Joia Soda
One of two new flavors from the local, natural soda makers

After carefully dipping their toes in the craft soda industry, the makers of Joia discovered that the market was ripe for something more interesting than the average flavor. When Joia launched, the love quickly spread throughout the metro area and beyond. People were thirsty for something more interesting than cola. Flavor maestro Dan Oskey, one of our Best Bartenders who has maintained his job at the Strip Club Meat and Fish, had even more flavors up his sleeve than the initial four the company released.

Boundary Water Brands has just released two more flavors and were kind enough to share a sample with us.

We love a zippy ginger ale, so we first popped open the Ginger, Apricot and Allspice blend. It has a sweet amount of apricot, middle zing of ginger, and a wholesome, almost holiday spice finish. Nice for sipping, perhaps not what hardcore ginger fiends are looking for, but a pleasant combination of flavors.

Joia Orange Jasmine Nutmeg 4-pack (436x550).jpg

Photo courtesy Joia Soda
Orange you glad to see me?

The Orange, Jasmine & Nutmeg flavor arrives with a bit of orange sediment on the bottom. It's clear that these are made from actual oranges.It has a pleasant, nutty warmth from the nutmeg and a floral finish from the jasmine. One taster described it as having an original-flavor Chapstick aftertaste. Overall, it was just interesting enough to warrant a few more sips.

Joia Soda is sold at area Kowalski's, Lund's, and many co-ops. Check their website for exact locations. If you'd like a little suggestion on how to spike them, order one at Cafe Maude or the Strip Club, where some of our best bartenders have got them on hand.

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