Kramarczuk's Kielbasa Fest brings out the crowds

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Bre McGee
This weekend, Kramarczuk's in NE hosted a two day Kielbasa rager
Kramarczuk's, the classic Eastern European-style deli in northeast Minneapolis, hosted its third-annual Kielbasa Festival on Friday and Saturday. For two days, the parking lot of the local sausage haven was filled with people under a tent dancing to live music, drinking beer, and meeting new friends all in the name of the kielbasa.

Tickets to the festival cost $10, but the price of admission got you your own personal beer stein and your first glass of beer.

Antelope sausage smothered in kraut
The event's menu featured a variety of sausages and a full rack of condiments. Festival-goers could order a standard kielbasa, a smoked apple and gouda bratwurst, a Moroccan lamb sausage, and something called Nigali antelope boerewors. We opted to go in on the antelope. These venison sausages are produced by Kramarczuk's using imported South African meat and are seasoned with some sort of curry powder concoction. In addition to the sausages, Kramarczuk served a few of its other staples, including their beloved perogies and their cabbage rolls.

Kramarczuk's also had live music to keep festival-goers on their toes. Saturday night was headlined by local favorites Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles. Right before the headliners took to the stage, Kramarczuk's hosted its annual pierogi-eating contest, emceed by Nick Kramarczuk, the deli's general manager and family namesake.

This event is quickly turning into a city favorite, which was apparent from the long line that ran halfway down the block of people patiently waiting to get in on some sweet kielbasa action.

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215 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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I was there and IT WAS AWESOME! I had a ton of beers and more kielbasa's then i could stuff in my mowf. this was my first time ever eating kielbasa's. ive had hamburgers and ive had hot dogs but ive never had one thats a little bit both like these before. i cant wait until next year to eat them again


@ErinSikkink Erin, I'm thinking of going this year (2013) but can't find any info about what the entry fee includes besides a stein and one beer.  Does the $12 entry fee also include food or do we spend more money once we're in the tent?  What are some of the costs I could expect?  Thanks ~ Trixie

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