Nuff Sandwiches opening, Papa's closes: Restaurant news tidbits

Jeffrey Thompson for MPR
Papa's Restaurant and Deli owners earlier this year

The end of the week brings one bit of happy news for Nordeasters, and one not-so-nice piece of news for the Victory neighborhood in north Minneapolis.

The empty space on Johnson Ave. near 28th St. in Northeast will soon have a new resident. The storefront was briefly home to Amici Pizza and Bistro and before that operated as Snap! Pizza -- a fast, counter-service companion to the old Pop! restaurant that was next door. Now, a hand-written sign in the window (as documented by Twitter tipster/MNMO contributor Reetsyburger) tells us that this spot is going to be a breakfast and sandwich-type joint called 'Nuff Sandwiches. No official word yet on when they will be open.

On the other end of the restaurant timeline, it looks like Papa's Restaurant and Deli in north Minneapolis has closed. Owners Mick and Kris Brogan said that the restaurant suffered a major blow when its surrounding neighborhood was deeply affected by last year's tornado. Though the restaurant itself was not hit, the very worst of the storm damage occurred about 10 blocks away. Papa's never recovered in terms of revenue and was forced to shut down about a week ago.

Location Info

Amici Pizza and Bistro - CLOSED

2851 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis, MN

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Nuff on Johnson Street has gone out of business.


Nuff's is opening on Johnson St. in October, so very shortly.


Called up Papa's to place a pick-up order tonight and hung up with disbelief at the message on the other end.  If they could just start a Papa's Cheesesteak sandwich counter, all would be right with the world.  I've never found a place that comes even close to an authentic cheesesteak like they did. 


I could never understand why they chose to close on holiday weekends like Memorial, the 4th and Labor Day, and it makes even less sense now in light of their dire financial straits.  I've never worked in the pizza industry, but from my experience as a customer, it seems like the busiest days of the year for pizza places are during those holidays.

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