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Courtesy The Gray House Facebook page
Serving dinner, brunch, and interesting brews in Lyn-Lake

Just shy of three weeks ago, The Gray House, a new husband-and-wife-owned gastropub in Lyn-Lake, quietly opened in the space that was formerly home to beloved Italian restaurant Risotto.

What's the story with the couple running the show, and what can you expect to see on tap and on the menu? Here are a few more details:

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Co-owner and chef Ian Grey and his partner and co-ower Katie Gray (hence the name Gray House) are born and bred Minnesotans. Ian was trained at Hennepin Technical College and cut his culinary teeth at places such as Cafe Lurcat and Trattoria Tosca before opening his own restaurant.

The gastropub is highlighting beers brewed in the Midwest, with a handful on tap from Flat Earth (St. Paul), Dave's BrewFarm (Wilson, Wisconsin), Badger Hill Brewing (Minnetonka), Lucky Bucket (La Vista, Nebraska), and Lucid (Minnetonka).

Food has a down-home feel, with a focus on local purveyors and sustainable resources, using ingredients like ground cherries from Bossy Acres and chickens from Callister Farms. Keeping with their philosophy of local and seasonal, the Gray House offers several changing specials. A recent one was a homemade cheddar biscuit Sloppy Joe served with truffled potatoes and grana padano. 

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Joy Summers
Scallops starter at The Gray House

They're also doing several small plates, divided into hot (pastas, scallops, and a delicious-sounding Spanish-influenced bruschetta) and cold (tuna tartare, cheese plate, apple salad) categories. Entrees are kept simple, with a fish, chicken, and beef offering served with a changing selection of seasonal accompaniments. 

Their recent brunch menu board featured a chanterelle mushroom and slab bacon Benedict, steak and eggs, huevos rancheros on shoestring potatoes, and savory French toast with ham hocks, apples, and honey.

DSC04329 (500x333).jpg
Joy Summers
A potted pudding at The Gray House

The Gray House serves dinner from 4 p.m. to close from Tuesday to Saturday. Brunch is served on Sundays from noon until close. The Gray House is closed on Mondays.

The Gray House
610 West Lake St., Minneapolis
612.823.4338; the Gray House website

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Finally, a gastropub in Lyn-Lake! /sarcastic


 @winston I would consider Muddy Waters, Lyndale Tap House, and (to a lesser extent) Herkimer all to have "high-end beer and food." (per Wikipedia's definition of "gastropub".) Though, I think every bar that isn't a dive in Minneapolis might fit that classification.

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