Tiki Tim's food truck: A first look

Tiki Tims fish tacos (500x375).jpg
Tropical fish tacos from the new Tiki Tim's

The newest truck to turn up in St. Paul is a smurf blue vintage Chevy camper, converted and festooned with a grinning Tiki god. Its food is "island inspired" and it's been trolling the streets for a couple of weeks. We stopped by for a first bite.

The fish tacos ($7) are coated in a shatter-crisp crust, sealing in tender, juicy seafood.  With a drizzle of creamy sauce, they're ensconced in some chilly flour tortillas. They would have been perfect had they just had a bit of salt. Thankfully, they have some tiki-shaped salt and pepper shakers at the ready.

Tiki Tims pork sandwich (500x375).jpg
Super slow roasted, juicy pork sandwich
The Kalua Pork sandwich ($7) is incredibly tender, super-slow-roasted pork piled with crunchy purple cabbage and little nubs of tart, sweet pineapple on a perfectly toasted bun. The recipe for the pork is inspired by the luau classic (which also needed a dusting from the salt fairy.)

They also serve Tiki Cakes ($8), crab and shrimp formed into a little cake and fried up crispy. 

As the weather begins the big cool-down, a little taste of the tropics from this big, blue baby might help you prolong that warm, summer night feeling.

Tiki Tim truck (500x375).jpg

Tiki Tim's

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@JoyEstelle Thank you kindly! So neat to see your article this morning!


It's refreshing to hear that somebody serves food that may need additional salt for a change, instead of food that is already salt-saturated. I'll definitely watch for this one, maybe at a taproom sometime??

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