Birchwood Cafe comes one step closer to expansion

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Birchwood Cafe wants to add a bigger kitchen and more seating
Yesterday the folks at Minneapolis's Seward neighborhood restaurant the Birchwood Cafe gained some positive momentum in their hopes for future expansion. According to a statement on their Facebook page, the Minneapolis Planning Commission voted unanimously 6-0 to recommend approving the cafe's land use application that would upgrade their zoning.

Currently the Birchwood is confined in size due to zoning regulations, but they have sought to change their zoning restrictions to allow the restaurant to add space and accommodate more customers.

Birchwood Cafe Sketch.jpg
Proposed sketch of the expanded northeast corner
The next step in the Birchwood expansion involves another meeting with the Minneapolis Planning Commission, and then the matter will move to a vote by the Minneapolis City Council.

In a statement made on his Facebook page, Minneapolis City Councilman Gary Schiff said, "Plans were approved by the Minneapolis Planning Commission today for expanded kitchen space, new bathrooms, increased accessibility, and four more customer tables! The Birchwood was 'local' before 'local' was a movement!"

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