New Bohemia Wurst and BierHaus opens Tuesday

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Beer and sausage comes to Northeast just in time for Oktoberfest

After just a few months of construction and remodeling at the old Panera Bread on East Hennepin, the space has been transformed into an entirely new type of eatery. New Bohemia Wurst and BierHaus, a European-style beer hall, opens at 4 on Tuesday evening.

Here's more about the concept and specifics about what's on tap and the best of the 'wurst.

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The menu focuses primarily on sausages but also includes potato salad, cabbage salad, and crispy hand-cut Belgian fries with various intriguing-sounding dipping sauces like bacon blue cheese walnut and a mango curry ketchup. 

Though their name and branding suggest an entirely German-inspired menu, New Bohemia actually offers sausages from all corners of the world, ranging from classic homemade brats to Cajun andouille to Filipino maharlika. A separate section for more adventurous eaters features sausages made with unique proteins like farm-raised pheasant, wild boar, and even one made with rabbit, rattlesnake, and a bit of jalapeño.  

New Bohemia's extensive beer list features 30 taps, with a handful of local beers from Indeed, Lucid, Lift Bridge, and Harriet Brewing, among others. German and Belgian beers are mostly in bottles, though they will have some tripels and quadruples on tap. Can't decide? New Bohemia also cleverly curates beer flights by region and characteristic, with four five-ounce pours per flight.

It also has a small wine list for non-beer drinkers and at least five beers that are gluten-free.

New Bohemia
233 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
612-331-4929; New Bohemia website

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"Though their name and branding suggest an entirely German-inspired menu..." Emily - wouldn't New Bohemian suggest a Czech-inspired menu? Just sayin'.


 @BaconSkateboard I mostly meant the wurst and bierhaus part, but that's a good point. Maybe I should say Old World-inspired menu?




Apologies - I knew what you meant and I agree. I ate there last night for "training night" and there wasn't much of an Old World feel to the place. They could have featured a few Eastern European beers and some native dishes. The food and beer were very good, they just don't quite live up to the name.

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