Piccolo featured in new book about staff meals

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The new book, Come In, We're Closed, features recipes for meals that top restaurants serve to their own employees

Coming soon to a bookstore near you, Come In, We're Closed is a cookbook that documents staff meals at some of the top restaurants in the world and critically acclaimed Minneapolis restaurant Piccolo has made the grade.

The book features over 100 recipes that have been used in restaurant staff meals around the globe, including such legendary places as Mugaritz, WD-50, Cochon, the Fat Duck, and Morimoto.

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Come In, We're Closed features over 100 recipes from restaurants around the world
In many restaurants it's a tradition that, before dinner service, the staff gathers together and eats a meal, prepared by the chefs at the restaurant's expense.

That concept lead the authors of the book to ask the question, What do the staff meals at the world's top restaurants look like? In the book you can expect to find everthing from a simple grilled hanger steak with Bearnaise to broiled fish collars with gobo and gingko nut rice. 

Piccolo supplied a seriously good barbecue recipe, complete with all the fixings. While barbecue might not be what you'd expect to find for a staff meal at a restaurant that dabbles regularly in things like "meat glue," the other barbecue joints in town should be happy that Piccolo has yet to enter that arena, because it's hands down some of the best we've had. At an early press dinner for the book, some of the recipes were prepared for us to try. The BBQ pork was unbelievably tender and flavorful.

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The BBQ of Piccolo
In addition to the recipes, the press release boasts that readers will also be treated to, "full-color images from award-winning photographers, intriguing restaurant lore, and a foreword by celebrated chef Ferran Adrià [of the now retired El Bulli]."

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